Places to Visit in Turkey in autumn

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We think that this article will be very good for those who are about to go on a trip, for those who are extremely overwhelmed by the hot summer days. Turkey four seasons in a lot of tourists from abroad, it is living in a beautiful country among the countries that also show interest. This season is for people who want to visit places in Turkey we collected for you.

Kaz Dağları – Balıkesir

Karataş Hill and Kaz Mountains, which reach an altitude of 17,744 meters, are among the provinces of Çanakkale and Balıkesir. It will be very good for you to go hiking on a day when the green leaves are not fading. Habitat, animals, waterfalls and streams in the natural area will allow you to spend a stress-free time.

Cunda Adası – Ayvalık – Balıkesir

Cunda Island is located in Ayvalık and for those who want silence in the last period of the holiday, now is the time. If your understanding of vacation is a little different, if you are looking for a peaceful environment, Cunda Island is waiting for you. Cunda Island, which is very lively and crowded in the season, is now dominated by silence and peace.

Abant Gölü – Bolu

Abant Lake is a rare place in the southwestern part of Bolu, with a perfect view and exposed to the most social media posts. It is a place frequented by those who want to have a holiday in nature with its green nature and clean air. In addition, you can take very beautiful photos with the fact that it is a region with a natural structure.

Ağva –  Şile – İstanbul

Agva, which is only 100 kilometers away from the Anatolian side of Istanbul and has managed to preserve its natural structure, has managed to become one of the most visited places of the last period. You can take a bicycle tour in Agva or take a sea tour with a boat.

Şavşat Karagöl – Artvin

Artvin is another holiday destination that broke the social media sharing record. Artvin is reminiscent of a piece of postcard with its appearance in every shade of green. This city, which leaves the whole world in love with it, is waiting for you in the autumn season.


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